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Course Activities

Main Activities

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    What is a Container?A look under the the covers at what is a Linux Container?Understand Containers
    What is an Image?A look under the the covers at what is a Linux Container Image?Container Images
    Docker BasicsSet of walkthroughs that cover docker basicsDocker Basics
    Try It Yourself
    IBM Container RegistryBuild and Deploy Run using IBM Container RegistryIBM Container Registry
    Docker LabRunning a Sample Application on DockerDocker Lab
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    Try It Yourself
    Pod CreationChallenge yourself to create a Pod YAML file to meet certain parameters.Pod Creation
    Pod ConfigurationConfigure a pod to meet compute resource requirements.Pod Configuration
    Multiple ContainersBuild a container using legacy container image.Multiple Containers
    ProbesCreate some Health & Startup Probes to find what’s causing an issue.Probes
    Rolling Updates LabCreate a Rolling Update for your application.Rolling Updates
    Cron Jobs LabUsing Tekton to test new versions of applications.Crons Jobs
    Creating ServicesCreate two services with certain requirements.Setting up Services
    Setting up Persistent VolumesCreate a Persistent Volume that’s accessible from a SQL Pod.Setting up Persistent Volumes
    DebuggingFind which service is breaking in your cluster and find out why.Debugging
    IKS Ingress ControllerConfigure Ingress on Free IKS ClusterSetting IKS Ingress
    Lab SolutionsSolutions for the Kubernetes LabsSolutions
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    Deploying Applications From SourceUsing OpenShift 4S2I
    Try It Yourself
    Tekton LabUsing Tekton to test new versions of applications.Tekton
    IBM Cloud DevOpsUsing IBM Cloud ToolChain with TektonTekton on IBM Cloud
    Jenkins LabUsing Jenkins to test new versions of applications.Jenkins
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    GitOpsIntroduction to GitOps with OpenShiftLearn OpenShift
    GitOps Multi-clusterMulti-cluster GitOps with OpenShiftLearn OpenShift
    Try It Yourself
    ArgoCD LabLearn how to setup ArgoCD and Deploy ApplicationArgoCD

Elective Activities


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    Try It Yourself
    OpenShift ProjectBuilding a Devops Pipeline with Openshift and TektonCICD Project
    Microservices ProjectCloud Native StarterMicroProfile Project