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Containers Lecture


Containers are a standard way to package an application and all its dependencies so that it can be moved between environments and run without change. They work by hiding the differences between applications inside the container so that everything outside the container can be standardized.

For example, Docker created standard way to create images for Linux Containers.



Docker Commands

Below are some commands we use often on Docker.

# Know docker version
docker -version
# Run a container
docker run <image>
# List containers running
docker ps

Reference during live demo

docker --version
docker version
docker run hello-world
docker run --name nginx bitnami/nginx
docker ps
docker ps -a
docker exec -it nginx bash
docker stop nginx
docker start nginx


What is a Container?A look under the the covers at what is a Linux Container?Understand Containers10 min
What is an Image?A look under the the covers at what is a Linux Container Image?Container Images10 min
Docker BasicsSet of walkthroughs that cover docker basicsDocker Basics10 min
Try It Yourself
IBM Container RegistryBuild and Deploy Run using IBM Container RegistryIBM Container Registry30 min
Docker LabRunning a Sample Application on DockerDocker Lab30 min

Once you have completed these tasks, you should have a base understanding of containers and how to use Docker.