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Event-Driven Architecture Overview

Event Streams

IBM Event Streams is an event-streaming platform based on the open-source Apache Kafka® project. It is optimized event stream distribution between your services and applications.


Topics Covered

Use Cases & Core ConceptsCovers Event-Driven Architecture use cases, entry points, core concepts & practices.See Presentation
Events vs MessagingCovers the differences between traditional messaging architectures and event-driven architectures.See Presentation
Kafka Deep-diveCovers a deep-dive of Apache Kafka and IBM Event Streams, IBM’s Enterprise-grade event-streaming platform.See Presentation
Data PatternsCovers multiple data patterns used to implement event-driven architectures.See Presentation
Event Storming (extra credit)Covers the practice of the event storming methodology and approach to understand a complex, event-driven architecture.Event Storming on the IBM Garage for Cloud Architecture Center


Console SamplesGetting Started with Producing & Consuming on KuberentesEDA Lab 0
Console SamplesGetting Started with Producing & Consuming using Docker cliEDA Lab 1
Spring for Apache KafkaGetting Started with the Spring for Apache Kafka projectEDA Lab 2
Reactive MessagingGetting Started with Reactive Messaging, MicroProfile, and QuarkusEDA Lab 3
Choose Your Own Adventure!Utilizing what you have learned in the bootcamp, take a look at some real-world event-driven scenarios and implementations.EDA Lab 4