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Continuous Integration Lecture

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment are important devOps practices and we often hear a lot about them. These processes are valuable and ensures that the software is up to date timely.

  • Continuous Integration is an automation process which allows developers to integrate their work into a repository. When a developer pushes his work into the source code repository, it ensures that the software continues to work properly. It helps to enable collaborative development across the teams and also helps to identify the integration bugs sooner.
  • Continuous Delivery comes after Continuous Integration. It prepares the code for release. It automates the steps that are needed to deploy a build.
  • Continuous Deployment is the final step which succeeds Continuous Delivery. It automatically deploys the code whenever a code change is done. Entire process of deployment is automated.



The continuous integration activities focus around Tekton the integration platform. These labs will show you how to build pipelines and test your code before deployment.

These tasks assume that you have:

  • Reviewed the continuous integration concept page.
  • Installed Tekton into your cluster.
Deploying Applications From SourceUsing OpenShift 4S2I30 min
Try It Yourself
Tekton LabUsing Tekton to build container imagesTekton1 hour
IBM Cloud DevOpsUsing IBM Cloud ToolChain with TektonTekton on IBM Cloud1 hour
Jenkins LabUsing Jenkins to build and deploy applications.Jenkins1 hour

Once you have completed these tasks, you will have an understanding of continuous integration and how to use Tekton to build a pipeline.